Hi my students. How are you?

Here you are a FUNNY ACTIVITY.

It is about your BODY PARTS. Enjoy it!!

Have a nice weekend.

See you on Monday.



Click here and watch te movie.

Then read these questions and think about the answer:


1.- What animals are there at the animal shelter?

2.-What animal does Dad prefer?

3.- Why aren’t rabbits good pets?

4.- Why cats are the best pets?



So as to celebrate spring…..here you are a game.  Click here and complete using NOW ACTIONS. Then check your answers and comment this post.

  •              November the 21st 2013

Hi my students.  Click on the links and do these activities. They are about DO/DOES…DON’T/DOESNT etc






  • SEPTEMBER THE 23rd 2013

Hello my students. Click here to do an ONLINE ACTIVITY . A Personal pronouns activity.

How many points do you get?  Post it on the wall.

If you get 10 points……CLIC HERE to enjoy this fantastic website.

And remember………YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!

  • SEPTEMBER THE 11th 2013




  • FEBRUARY THE  14th 2013

Hello my students. Here you are some ANIMAL RECORDS. -Fastest Mammal (land) Cheetahs can run up to 70 miles per hour. -Fastest Mammal (water) Dall porpoises can swim up to 35 miles per hour. -Fastest Bird (land) North African ostriches are both the fastest bird on land—running up to 45 miles per hour—and the biggest, weighing in at 345 pounds. –Fastest Bird (sky) Peregrine falcons can dive toward the earth at more than 200 miles per hour –Fastest Fish:  Sailfish can swim up to 68 miles per hour. –Strongest Animal:  The rhinoceros beetle can lift 850 times its own weight. –Smallest Bird: Adult bee hummingbirds, found in Cuba, weigh about two grams. –Smallest Mammal: Adult bumblebee bats, which live in Thailand, weigh about two grams.

  • NOVEMBER THE 6th 2012

Hello Iscarkids! Welcome to my blogsite. You and your parents can find here some interesting activities and links….IN ENGLISH!!!!

  1. I Cna
    I can´t watch the documentary: The rosetta stone
    Is only my problem?
    I read an error

  2. teacher thanks for you dictionary he helps my so much

  3. every day, see you monday, sorry*

  4. hello teacher and writers

  5. hello teacher you dictionary is fantastic

  6. This is the finel R.Madrid – Barsa:
    Real Madrid:Six hundred thousand and one
    Barsa: Zero hundred thousand and zero
    Next sport game: Paris S.Germain-Arsenal
    I say you the results next week.
    Good weekend

  7. julio 5*c diciembre26,2013 en 2:10 pm
    Hello teacher

  8. Thank you Souper Teacher because I like very much Real Madrid and you dont fail me.
    How often do you fail Real Madrid pupils??? Twice a week ????No never because you are a Real Souper Teacher…

  9. Sorry teacher.
    My first puntuación is 10 points

  10. Aitor Garcia 5ºC

    Hello in activity the do/does 10 point

  11. Teacher you are ugly

  12. easy english teacher¡¡¡¡¡

  13. techer in the activity i have got a 10 in DO/DOES !!!

  14. My avatar was very ugly.
    I choose an avatar more interesting.
    Do you like it?

  15. Hello English Teacher!

    This is my first exercise on line.
    My results are 80%, and then 100%

  16. hello teacher the ativity is a 1 blady

  17. laura san miguel 5*a

    hello teacher … you are SoupTheacher

  18. teacher i have it the 10 questions

  19. Adriana Miriam and Jenni 5 B

    teacher in the activity online good is 9

  20. Hello teacher you are crazy,ugly and beautiful

  21. Hello teacher. How are you

  22. Contagious…. sorry

  23. How are you after your Pc disease?? Remember I say you barsa disease is contagius….

  24. hello teacher!!!!!!!!

  25. Fantastic blog and fantastic pupils!!! You’re lucky, crazy teacher!!!!

  26. you are crazi!!!!!

  27. Hello teacher!!
    In first activity Ihave got eight -ten
    and the second eight too.
    See you tomorrow!!!!!

  28. Ivo El Morenazoo Stoianov

    remeber you are a CRAZY and FERNANDOç

  29. and YOU ARE CRAZY¡¡¡¡¡¡

  30. theacher the game is cool¡¡¡

  31. hello teacher Angel.teacher crazy!!!!

  32. hello teacher

  33. See you Monday


  35. Teacher i LIKE your blog it´s fantastic THANKS FOR YOUE BLOG i ♥ ENGLISH

  36. teacher when is your birthday? ay duties

  37. Hello teacher you are a CRAZYMAN? or SUPERTECHAR?

  38. hello teacher

  39. hello teacher

  40. I like very much your website.

  41. Hello teacher.Im Jose 5a. I have 10 points in the two exercises (click here) so Im very happy and I go to sleep very good.
    I ask my mother for a pellet for the barsa disease. I hope barsa disease is not contagious

  42. hello 9 point in activity 2

  43. hello teacher the one activy is 90%

  44. Hello teacher
    Haw are you

  45. Hello teacher my second homeworks is 9 points

  46. hello I am Alejandro I get 10 point in activiti 1

  47. Hello techer
    Haw are you

  48. Hello teacher

  49. Hello teacher in the exercise 1=90%
    In the exercise 2=9

  50. teacher 10 points

  51. hello teacher, the exercise n1 personal pronouns,my answered 8 tasks out 10, the second exercise my nota is 9

  52. hello teacher, the exercise n1 personal pronouns,my answered 8 tasks out 10

  53. Hello teacher my first punctuation is 10 points

  54. My secon honwors is 8

  55. Hello 9 okey 1 no

  56. hello i am Alejandro 5 point in activity 1

  57. helou my name is alejandro 5 points actavity 1

  58. teacher my second point is a 8

  59. techer mi points is 70%

  60. May second honwors is 8 punctuation

  61. Teacher the homwork it 80%

  62. Hello teacher my firs punctuation is 10 point

  63. Aitor Garcia 5ºC

    teacher 9 of 10

  64. Hello teacher in my first year pronunciation have been good all

  65. Hello teacher

  66. lucia dominguez 5ºc

    teacher homegorw is second 100%

  67. lucia dominguez 5ºc

    hello teacher e had eight in the frist exercise

    the ten I eight

  68. The homewok it 70%

  69. hello teacher I hit seven questions

  70. teacher i have hit the 10 questions

  71. Yesssss, Summer is great!! but now it is over…..time to school

  72. lucia dominguez 5ºC

    hello teacher

  73. Jose 5a
    Sorry because my english is very bad
    I would like speak with you about a lot of things
    I hope next year I can do it because I think that you can help us a lot

  74. Hello teacher 


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